How can we help you?


How can we help you?

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I received a suspiscious message

SMS messages are being used as a way of tricking people into giving up their OLX accounts, passwords and

user names.

To verify an SMS is from us it will ALWAYS have OLX as the sender of the message not a personal number. 

See below sample SMS from OLX 




Example of mail or SMS that should inform us about:

"Good Morning. I'm from England ..... I want to know if there is still the subject of a sale? And what is the current status, how much you want to sell it as the final asking price. I would like to make the following payments "PayPal transfer". Can you send the item to the sea by courier service? We look forward to you Mrs Smith Katerine"


Hello, The car is not within Arusha, send some cash for fuel, you will deduct from the final payment or i have been arrested by the police for over-speeding send kitu kidogo i pay the bail



If you receive a call or an SMS from some one purporting to be working for OLX and they request for your account pincode Contact us immediately. DO NOT SHARE YOUR PIN-CODE with anyone even an OLX agent. 

Please note that OLX will never ask for the security PIN code from any customer and our official contact number is 0709 924 000.


Your safety is important to us! That is why we appreciate your vigilance and reporting of such cases to us.