How can we help you?


How can we help you?

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How can I share my ads?

Now you can not only share your ads, you can also share your profile with your friends to get more follower. 

To share an ad:

Simply select the ad you want to share. Scroll down to the bottom of the ad where you will see all the social media icons: 

  • Facebook
  • Facebook messenger
  • Whatsapp
  • General share button to use any of your other social media and messaging platforms.

To share your profile:

All you have to is open your profile. You'll find a general share button in the top right corner. Use that to share your profile and gain more followers. The followers you have, the more people will be notified when you have something new to sell.


Please note if you log in using your Facebook, this does not automatically share your ads on your page.