How can we help you?


How can we help you?

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How long will my ads appear OLX?

All ads remain on the OLX for 60 days before you're prompted to republish the ad for another 30 days. After those additional 30 days are up, it automatically gets deleted. Republishing, however, doesn't mean it will jump to the top of the list. With that said, it will still be seen by some interested buyers in their "Recommended for you" section.

You also have the option of deleting the ad or mark your ad as sold after the product or service has been sold. We suggest simply marking it as Sold as that lets buyers know you're a trustworthy person to buy from.

If you have not sold your item after 90 days. We suggest taking a look at the ad editing the title, price or description and adding more photos to increase your chances to sell your item faster. You can compare your item with similar items posted on OLX. Once you've figured out the winning formula, post a new ad.